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Weakness can sometimes be a good thing, or so I have been told. Weakness is good when a strong willed person is fighting against something they just can’t win. Sometimes it is better to bow rather than fight, because the fight can and sometimes does lead to say…getting fired. However, showing weakness when it is time to fight can lead to the same conclusion.

It is my personal opinion that President Obama is on the verge of getting fired. His weakness in a time where strength is needed is hurting him badly, and if it continues, it will lead to his dimise as President come 2012, and sure in the hell with surely lead to a Republican Revolution ala 1994 if the Democrats continue down the path they have chosen to follow.

My first question is this: What in the hell happened to the Democratic Party? They have always been by far the more socially liberal of parties dating as far back as FDR, but it seems that today they have adopted a far more radical social agenda that would even have FDR rolling in his grave. For all the weaknesses and attacks history has laid out against FDR and his New Deal agenda, atleast when the time came and when it was needed, he showed a back bone and willingness to go above and beyond to protect America, even signing an order, 9066, that would lead to the detention of 200,000 Japaense American’s during WWII. Today history looks on that event as wrong, and I do not disagree, but then again I was not alive in 1941, but I was alive in 2001 and can say that Gitmo, which is not even in the same boat at 90611, is something I stand by.

The Japanese Americans detained during World War Two were just that, AMERICANS. They were familes, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, parents and children. They were Americans who owned homes and businesses and lost it all when the government came, loaded them on trains, and took them to detention camps. They had not done anything wrong other than being part of a race of people that had attacked the United States, but nowhere was their allegiance to those people ever determined. They were simply unlucky enough to be American Japanese people.

The detaines at Gitmo are not like the Japanese Americans during WWII. They are enemy combatants, captured on the field of battle, and brought to prison. They were removed from a war zone and imprisoned. They are not Americans and they sure in the hell are innocent victims of “American Aggression” as I have heard said. They are soldiers in a war who were captured and placed in a POW camp. Unlike American captives of the Taliban/Al Queda? ETC. , just type up some of the gruesome videos, these people are fed, bathed, and have better facilities than murders in US prisons. Yet the Obama Administration and the radical left want to treat them to the same rights as American citizens. Why? Do these people think that having trials in US prisons will some how change the undying hatred that these people and their fellow soldiers in the field have for the West? If these were American’s, imprisoned without their rights I would be helping to hold signs at protest rallies. But the simple reality is that they are not American citizens and they sure in the hell aren’t innocent babes.

A couple of weeks ago the US Attorney General announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks will be brought to New York and will be tried in an American court. First of all KSM has already admitted his guilt and has requested the death penalty. Let him go out as a Martar to a backwards world, I don’t care, but why argue with a murder who wants to die? No, that is not the way the Obama Administration sees it. They feel that this man deserves a trial. Here’s the problem, trying a man captured on the field of battle, interrogated for information (information mind you that has, even admitted by the Obama Administration, broke up countless cells in the US and probably saved thousands of lives), and not read his Miranda Rights, will be in a US court. Does anyone not think that these things will come out? Does anyone think, that a court based on and one that must adhere to US LAW will not take all this into account? They have to, IT IS THE LAW OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

I hate to say it, but this looks more like a trial against the Bush Administration and US conduct of the war on terror than it does a man responsible for the death of over 3,000 American’s and, not to mention, the very conduct of the Bush Administration in the first place. No 9/11, no Afghan War. No Afghan War, no Gitmo. No Gitmo, no KSM trial. And if the US District Court of New York adheres to US LAW, KSM will walk, and Obama will simply say “If not for the conduct of the Bush Administration, this man would have been found guilty in this US Court and would be paying for his crimes.” And the radical left and the Obama cronies will applaud, while those of us with still half a brain will know deep down that treating a war criminal like a bank robber is not how the US should conduct these trials. I want to say once again that these are not US citizens and want to say once again that if they were this would not be my stance on this issue.

You see before 9/11 my life was blah and shit like this didn’t matter much to me. 9/11 drastically affected me because I watched on live television the first shots in a war and I watched 3,000 American’s perish in the matter of hours in this war. On that day I recognized the weaknesses of this country and damned those who allowed such weaknesses to occur. I damned them because wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers had to listen to phone messages of loved ones they would never see again. I damn them because of the wife or husband who sat on the phone in their homes talking to their loved ones moments before they would never speak to them again. I damn them because they failed to do their jobs, the one goddamn job they are actually supposed to do according to the Constitution of the United States of America, PROTECT THE COUNTRY!!! It’s not taxes, health care, medicare, or bailing our corporations…it is the protection of the citizens of this country. And after 9/11 I realized that they failed and continue to fail to do that job.

When the commanding general on the ground in a war zone tells the president that he needs more troops or the war will be lost. It is not the presidents job to fight for health care, rally for the Olympics, or go on Jay Leno. His job is to call and emergency meeting of his cabinet, look at the situation, look at the mounting death toll of American soldiers, think about the families who already have their loved ones in that war, and make a goddamn decision. Yet before mentioned are things that this president did, and the latter is not what he has done…AFTER 5 GODDAMN WEEKS!!! Wekaness breeds weakness and I’ll be damned if I watch another 3,000 American’s die because they can’t learn lessons from the past. We are at war and like it or not, sometimes the decision made during war suck, but they must be made and not pushed back behind a scheduled appearance on Oprah!!!

When Obama ran, part of me really hoped that in the messsages, the cliche speeches, and the rhetoric there was some truth, but that sure in the hell isn’t the case. I’m saying it now and will hold to this until things changed. America elected a weak man for president. We elected a man who is willing to appologize for the crimes of America’s past rather than point out the crimes of the world around him. He is willing to bow before Saudi Kings and Japanese Emperors in deference, rather than stand tall and say to them, shit may look different, but the Constitution of the United States still stands. He is willing to make platitudes to America’s enemies rather than point out why they are America’s enemies. America has done wrong and that can’t be hidden, but my god it’s not the presidents job to remind the world of our wrongs, it is his job to remind the world that with our wrongs we have made strides. We are the only nation in the world where the people of all religions are free to follow their beliefs. The liberties and freedoms that Muslims have in the US are unmatched in places like England, Germany, France, and many other Western nations where they are regulated to ghettos and denied basic freedoms, and in some cases, even citizenship. Appologizing to the world for America’s treatment of African-Americans or Native American’s when much of the world refuses to even acknowledge that commit any wrongs. Hello Belgium, England, and France in Africa and the shit hole you dug and left the people of that continent to live in. Hello China and Tibet and the countless other attrocities you have commited against your own people. Hello Germany and the denial of citizenship to Turkish residents, some living there for 3-5 generations. Hello Netherlands, Switzerland, and countless other “Progressive” European nations that regulate your Muslim populations to ghettos. Hello Turkey and the Armenian Genocide which you still deny occured (oh a couple of million people just left…right?) Hello Japan and the Comfort Women you still deny occured or the countless other attrocities you committed during World War II or in Korea while you controled it. America is guilty, but atleast we 1. Admitt it (Reparations to the Japanese-Americans)  and 2. We fix it (1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Voting Rights Act, and countless other laws) We can’t go back in time and change the wrongs committed against Native-Americans, African-Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Irish and countless others, but we can atleast make sure it never happens again. And that is exactly what we have done. Jingoistic or not, we have been more progressive that almost every other nation in this world, changed more and done more for human rights, and given more people in this world freedom than any other nation in this world. We were a watch dog that screwed up and did stupid things, especially under fear (Cold War), but we also did good things. So let the Empire fall, but let’s look at the Empire’s that may replace us and ask, which one would you rather have? A Chinese Empire with their record of human rights (be careful ladies who want to have a little baby girl)? Russia with their record of purges and attrocitites? The European Union and their record of Civil Rights for minorities even today? Islam and their record of religious freedom and women’s rights or lack there of?  It’s a good question to ask and one that so many wish to ignore. The Chomsky crowd applaud the weakness and the eventual fall of the American Empire, but never do they look at the alternative. Why do so many who call for freedom embrace everything that seems to stands in the way of freedom?

I do consider Obama the most dangerous man in America. I consider him the most dangerous man in America because he is, in my opinion, weak. He bends and appeases while this country is on the verge of breaking. He allows Pelosi and Ried dictate the direction of health care reform and allows it to become a total overhaul with no care for the cost to tax payers, the deficit, and the dmages it may actually cause to the health care system. He bends to the will of the radicals and because of it America looks weak in the eyes of the world. We no longer have resolve and instead have platitudes and speeches. The sad reality is that it is ok if the president is hated around the world. It’s ok, because that means he is doing his job effectively. He is willing to do whatever it takes to protect this nation from the very people who wish to destroy it, even if that means he is dispised by the rest of the world. That is why he is called the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and not president of the world. He is to insure the best intrests of this nation, and so far this president refuses to do just that.

George Bush was hated by the world because of his actions, but I question what actions made him so hated. Gitmo? A prison for captured soldiers on the field of battle. Water Boarding? It’s considered “torture” by so many, but considering the various forms of information getting used by the French and English, I would put water boarding near the bottom of the list. Iraq? Ok, bad war, but where is Saddam now? Of course the French were against Iraq, after all they were benefiting from the backdoor dealings of the oil for food program. I don’t consider Bush the best or worst president…average at best…but at least he was willing to defend this nation at all costs, even the cost of his name in the history of the world.

I look for the president as a man who I know will do whatever it takes to insure the future of this nation. Great presidents have had their reputations tarnished because of it. George Washington refused to back the French and decided to make a treaty with England. He was hated for it and his reputation as a national hero was tarnished for it, but in the end it was a wise move. John Addams lost his presidency because he refused to back down from the French. James Madison took on the British for a second time. And FDR, the new model for the Democrats, back door dealt with the British even as the nation apposed any US involvement in Europe. Of course now history applauds FDR’s actions, but then it could have cost him his presidency.

Last night President Obama finally decided to send troops to Afghanistan, but once again made my opinion of him as the most dangerous man in America by setting a time line. No President, in the history of the United States has done such a thing, because they know that in war, time lines are for theorists, not generals. Imagine if FDR had set a time line for US victory in the Pacific? “OK boys, either were in Tokyo by ’44 or we’re pulling out.” Or what if he had done so in Europe? “OK boys, either we’re in Berlin by ’44 or we’re pulling out.” How would the outcome of the war been had hhe done such a thing. US forces taking chances they shouldn’t have made? Eisenhower pushing the D-Day invasion up, even though he knew better, to 1943, thus allowing the German, who had the offensive in Russia, pull troops to defend the Channel better? My god, just imagine the slaughter. One of two things happens when timelines are set. 1. Defenses are strengthened and aggression doubled to hold the line until the date arrives or 2. All quiet on the Western Front until the date arrives and then all hell breaks out.

And of course the reason for it is because Obama is weak. Instead of standing up to the radical liberals who want America out, he capitulates and in turn makes the job harder for the troops on the ground. His weakness is as evident as his disdain for the US military. “Here’s the job, here’s the deadline, here’s 2/3’s of the troops you asked for.” When the world needs an FDR or Churchill or Reagan, Thatcher, and Gorby, we have Obama. When great challenges arrive and the world is tested, it is the strong who have prevailed, not the weak and timid. When weakness dominates foreign policy in a world of Iran and North Korea, Al Queda and the Taliban, The  Middle East and Pakistan, the results can be as disaturous as say Appeasement up to 1939. Yet, as Obama has shown, he refuses to stand firm in the face of aggression because the weak around him say doing so will “make America look bad.” I say SO DAMN WHAT??? I’d rather look bad then see another 3,000 American’s vanish within hours. I’d rather look bad then watch our troops on the ground deal with a task without the full support that they need. I’d rather look bad then look weak. And that is why I consider Obama the most dangerous man in America.


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