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I’ll admitt that I am a conservative especially when it comes to economic issues, but on some social issues I can be liberal, so calling myself a right winger does not apply. Here I am rolling into another election year and I findmyself questioning my options this year.

I have been a proud member of the American electorate since 1992 (Perot). In 1996 I voted for Clinton, in 2000 I voted for Bush, in 2004 Bush, and in 2008 I voted for McCain (hoped for Clinton). My vote broke down to ideologies more than anything else, however this time around it will come down to a lot of factors. My confussion with this election, granted it has yet to get underway and who knws what will happen between now and election day, really comes down to the Love Affair so many people seem to have with Obama. My honest question, because I really want to understand, is why? Why are so many people attached to this guy? What makes him so viable as a candidate after the past four years? Why should I vote for him?

I have a lot of liberal friends, and their posts on Facebook, especially their attacks on the GOP, always facinate me because I question whether or not they are looking at the same country that I am looking at. I understand the urge for a person whose politics make them root against the other guy, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it. So my honest question posed to my liberal friends is what has Obama truley accomplished for this nation that earns him another four years as president?

Here is what I see.First of all let us begin with health care. I agree 100% that their need to be a health care plan, especially in times like this when the economy is in the shi**er, or simply for those who can not afford health care and their employer does not provide it. However, I can not believe that Obama Care earns my vote in November. The above all reason for this is simply how it was passed into law. The tide was against it, the polls had it down on average 10-15%, however it was rammed through the throats of the American people without a vote. What still to this day drives me crazy is Nancy Pelosi and her “We need to pass it to see what is in it.” 1300 pages of law and no one read it, and on top of that, the American people didn’t have a chance to read it. Beyond that, it is what the law says when certain states are allowed to opt out of it based on political backroom deals. I remember, when the bill was first being tossed around, talking to my co-teacher about the issue. My biggest complaint was that the bill was written by Pelosi and her gang rather than the president. Like or hate Hilary Care of the 1990’s but atleast she was involved 100%. That was not the case with with Obama Care. It was railroaded by Pelosi and Reed, was hated by the majority of American’s, was way too big without any real oversight, was pushed down the throats of American’s, and only now are we learning how shi**y it really was.

Can Obama run on his foriegn policy. Let’s just take a look at the past three years of Obama foriegn policy, starting with the most recent “gotcha” moment when speaking with the Russian president where he talked tough then leaned and essentially said, “This is all a bunch of bullshi*t, I’ll cave once elected.” His foriegn policy is a joke, because what he has essentially done is turn America into a joke. I give Obama no credit for building the American reputation globally, because after Bush a dancing monkey could have accomplished the thawing of relations around the world. Obama has turned our backs on our Israeli allies, even going so far as his administration informing the world of secret Isreali bases, telling the Israeli’s to return to the 1967 borders, and has cold shouldered them since day one.

Obama reminds me of this leftist I used to debate with on a history forum. He despises everything there is about Israel, which is fine, don’t really care if you take the Palestinian side in that debate, but the reality is Israel is a needed friend, especially with Iran and after the Arab Spring.

I sometimes wish I could grab a liberal by the throat when they talk about his “humanitarianism” in Egypt, Lybia, and Syria. The reason is because its all bullshit. Each one of those nations are now led by (except Syria) Radical Islamists, Christians are now being abused in Egypt, and the only thing that has been accomplished is two new nations that despise Israel and are anti-American. And what about the one that really would have mattered. The one that actually called for democratic reforms and a turn away from Sharia law. Yeah, Iran. The one where Obama was silent, allowed the Iranian military to crack down, and pretty much hung them out to dry? He gets no credit for in my book for helping to destabalize a region that was already on fire.

He ended the war in Iraq and got out troops out. Ok, cool, and now Iraq in in the midst of a bloody civil war, innocents are dying, and who knows where that country will go. We turned out backs. I was no supporter of the Iraq War, but we turned our backs on the innocent and now they are dying. That blood is on our hands.

His only real accomplishment in foreign policy has been the death of OBL, but its even hard for me to give him that much credit, because all he said was “Go.” The information he recieved was gained by the very interogation tactics he railed against (and then used his administration to try to silence). And like it or not, I, like the majority of American’s who shed tears, who watched in pain as 3,000+ innocent people loast their lives on 9/11. who watched in horror as the 2 African embassies fall, as the USS Cole smouldered, and the people came running after the first attack on the Twin towers, wanted to see him dead. I wanted to see he HD zoom lens photo of the hole in his eye and his brains pouring out the back of his head. I wanted to see the shit and piss stains as it escaped his body as the bullet ripped away bone, flesh, and brains. I can not not will not ever understand how liberal newspapers and blogs can post Abu Graib, village slaughters, Quran burnings, and everything else they know will insight anger and retribution against our troops, but the death photo of the most hated man in America is “too sensitive.” BULLSH*T!!!

There is half of me who wants to give him credit for Predator drone attacks, but the other half leaves me to question this tactic. Rather than go in an capture these people and gain valuable intelligence, we kill them. This is a man who railed against “torture,” but uses drones to drop very large bombs on small targets. Is this not murder? No, not murder of the targets, if they are terrorists then I shed no tears, but what of the civilians? Is this not gov’t sanctioned assassination? I question the inhanced interogation vs. assassination and how one is not against international law while the other is. I have no understanding of the silence from the main stream media on this issue. Like it was mentioned so many times in the media during the Bush administration, this is a country of laws, do those laws not apply to this administration?

One last word on foreign policy. Let us look at the bang up job he has done with our Mexican nieghbor. His DOJ authorizes an Operation called “Fast and Furious.” This operation called for allowing Drug Cartel middlemen to purchase weapons in the guise that they would be tracked. Two trackers were placed even though over 2,500 weapons (including AK-47’s, AR-15’s, .50 Caliber sniper rifles, etc.) made it into the hands of the cartels. The very cartels that have used those weapons against the Mexican military, police, judges, lawyers, women, children, etc. The very cartels, who’s drug runners gunned down an ICE agent with the very weapons DOJ gave to them. How does an administration get away with giving 2,500+ assualt rifles to Mexican drug cartels?

The mantra today is that “the president has little to do with gas praices,” and I contend, especially if anyone caught my debate on Facebook, that is bullsh*t! A president that stands in the way of oil production, halts offshore drilling, increases restrctions on compnaies hoping to extract oil, and has had a running policy of anti-drilling and oil production adds to the problem. He might not create gas prices, but he sure in the hell contributes to them. It is simply a supply and demand issue and speculators are hedging their bets that continued road blocks, especially in the United States, will affect supply. Obama made damn sure his health care plan got through Congress, but remains virtually silent on the issue of gas prices, comes out against speculators and gives some ideas, and then falls silent again. If he put half of his effort into enacting change on the speculation markets as he did health care, would not that create fear among speculators, especially if the fear of jail is lingering? This is the very complaint that I had against Bush in 2008 and now carry on to Obama, but a little more agression on my part, because gas prices are higher than in 2008.

Our economy is sh*t and I want someone to seriously explain why I should vote for Obama based on the economy. Please save your breathe with the blame Bush mantra, because that was three years ago. Obama ran on Hope and Change and promises to the American people when it came to the economy and he has not lived up to any of them. Wasn’t that what killed McCain, the economy and the national feeling that Obama had a better plan?

Let’s look at Obama’s plan. Nearly One Trillion dollars in stimulus, and what did that accomplish? Sylendra pissing away half a billion? Bailing out the car companies, who just released the utter failure called the Volt, with Ford, who took no gov’t money doing extremely well? Where did all that money go? What did it accomplish. I want answer’s because I’m not seeing it anywhere. especially when it comes to jobs. He had that stimulus and is now calling on the rich to do their “fair share?” I am a firm believer in innovation, the small guy working hard and making it big, the nose to the grind stone that I believe made America great. I am also a student of history asnd understand that unrestricted capitalism with out watch dogs, reformers, and progressives is not beneficial to the worker, but I also believe that the American dream is still about working hard and making it. What does it say that when you make it ou are demonized. I know their are asses out their who reep the benefits while others suffer, but that is, in m opinion, a small portion of those that actually do innovate, come up with ideas, sell those ideas, and make wealth. Where is the motivation to work hard when working hard means you are demonized for acquiring wealth and then asked to give away more of your wealth because you made it?

I want to believe that Obama has a plan for the economy, gas prices, etc., but I’m not seeing it. I haven’t seen it. This will be another year of cuts in school districts, another year that friends of mine are still unemployed, another year where new hires will not be allowed, another year where “we must make do,” with materials that are already nearly a decade old. I am not seeing Change, I am seeing

Can Obama run on the economy? I want want someone, anyone, who can point to the past 4 years and pin point one true accomplishment of the Obama adminstration when it comes to the economy? “GM is alive.” GM is alive because of $50 billion in tax payer money. Ford is alive and didn’t take a dime of tax payer money to do so. According to GM’s official website, they employee 202.000 people. So I, given that number would have been unemployed, then I guess I will give him credit for that one. How about Slyndra? $500 million lost? So should the catch phrase be this: Osama is Dead, GM is Alive, and Slyndra waisted half a billion of your money.

This is what I have seen over the past four years. I’m not happy with where we are at and I fear even more another four years of this administration. I honestly want anyone of my liberal friends to tell me why I should vote for Obama. Give me five strong reasons why Obama deserves another four years. Point to five true accomplishments of this president and I will honestly, truly, consider giving him my vote.


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