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I have been following this story since I first heard about it a year and a half ago. Unfortunatley, many people have only begun to hear about this case with the contempt vote of Attornry General Eric Holder. I say unfortunatley, not because they have some how failed in their dilligence when monitoring their government or are guilty of being ill informed; I say unfortunately because the 4th Estate, the Media, has failed them. The Mainstream Media (From here refered to as MSM) have ignored this case (with the exception of CBS who had the guts to do a story and interview the Whistle blower about Fast and Furious, John Dodson…and mind you later recieved a furious call from the White House threatening that any further reports could mean CBS News would be shut out of further White House communications/interviews).

Recently however the MSM has begun reporting on this case, however they are not reporting the whole truth, are following the White House line, and furthermore, have recently refered to a report released by Fortune magazine the day before AG Holder’s contempt vote (see here for the report http://features.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2012/06/27/fast-and-furious-truth/). I have added this link for the Fortune report because through my education and my Master’s Degree in history, I believe in providing both sides of a story and allowing individuals to come to their OWN conclusions. I will say this about the Fortune article, it is filled with half truths about a program that AG Holder, after initially denying the existance of, has admitted the program existed, but according to the article did not EVER exist.

Before I continue I must make my political opinion aparent. In 2004 I watched Barak Obama give his speech at the Democratic national convention and turned to my wife and said, “That guy is going to be president someday, and I’ll vote for him.” However when he ran in 2008 I began to see Obama in a different light. Not a a socialist or marxist, or some ironic shit like that. I saw him as being treated with kid gloves by the media. I watched a stronger canidate, Hilary Clinton, be ripped apart slowly by the MSM who reported on every gaffe and flaw, but ignored Obama’s. 24/7 coverage of Hilary’s Immigration Gaffe, but nothing about Obama’s 57 states gaffe. Hilary voting for the war (Obama was not in the Senate at the time) and Obama using that against her, even though since he became the Senator from Illinois, voted on the Iraq War issues EXACTLY like Clinton. As the race continued I began to see what many others have commented on, the MSM was treating Obama with kid gloves. This rolled into the general election with McCain. Fears and accusations of racism, but the utter ignorance of Agism, feminism, etc. And then came the David Ayers revleation (Obama denied knowing him very well, then after the election, the reality of their relationship comes to light). It wasn’t that Obama was friends with a former marxist terrorist, but that the media down played the actions Ayers and the Weather Underground conducted, like bombings!!! From their my trust in Obama and the MSM was jolted. Not because of Ayers, but the length to which the media was going to get Obama elected.

For 8 years I watched the continuous attacks on President Bush. Many of them were justified, but many I found utterly disgusting (Like Micheal Moore’s Fierenhiet 9/11, Code Pink, etc.). I know the media has forgotten, based on their SHOCK and people holding anti-Obama signs, but the vitrial against Bush (posters with him looking like Hitler, Signs that read “Bush=Nazi=Death Camps.” Even with that being said, I was also tired of Bush and the constant scandals and back door politics of his administration. I, like millions, wanted Change, and actually believe that Obama would bring that to the Office, but my above mentioned Jolt made me realize that it would be the same old politics as usual.

Since Obama has become President he has taken a path I can agree with such as a near Trillion dollar stimulus, millions gone to “Green” comapanies that have gone bankrupt, million gone to “Green” companies overseas, A Health Care Plan that the majority of American’s hated shoved down our throats, +8% unemployment, states being forced to radically change their education laws in order t get a gov’t hand-out via some obscure lottery (Colorado removed tenure from teachers in order to get the funds, but not a dime has come to the state), state sactioned assassinations via drone attacks, national security leaks, amnestiy to 800,000 select illegal immigrants with out pushing to change the laws and reform immigration for EVERYONE, a media that utterly ignores his flaws and reports on his positives, and foremost is Fast and Furious.

This is not about Right vs. Left, Republican vs. Democrat, or Anti-Obama vs. Pro-Obama. This is about our government being held accountable for its mistakes. It’s about our government telling the truth about American citizens. Its about the media, those who we are supposed to believe are looking out for us, simply ignoring reality and following the White House press releases rather than truly investigating the truth. It’s about allowing a scandal on the likes of Iran-Contra to fly by in order to be allowed to have the next interview with the President. It’s about truth vs. cover-up.

During the Bush administration, the Department of Justice (DOJ) with the assistance of the Mexican government enacted a plan called Operation Wide-Reciever. The plan seemed simple enough, allow straw purchasers to purchase weapons in the US, follow those weapons, and make arrests. However the plan that was enacted, did not work. Though their were some arrests guns slipped through and Wide Reciever was shut down as a failed program that could not work.

However, in 2009 Obama’s DOJ reinstated the failed program now titled “Fast and Furious.” It was so named because the slide show briefing of the program started with a slide showing a title scene from the movie with the same name. The program went into effect in Arizona. ATF agents in concert with DOJ allowed Mexican cartel middle-men to purchase assualt weapons, ammunition, even allowing fully automatic, grenades, and Barret .50 caliber sniper rifles to be sold.

Unlike the Bush era plan, Fast and Furious was a shambles to begin with. Weapons were not tracked, followed, and simply disappeared across the border. Store owners, following the LAW, who raised red flags on purchases or purchasers were given ok’s by the ATF, and in many cases, preasured to allow weapons they felt uncomfortable selling, walk out their doors.

Grand and pound Atf agents began to raise flags about Fast and Furious early on. When weapons disappeared, arrests were not being made, and accountablity was not be adhered to, agents voiced their opinions and concerns. These agents were ignored, hushed up, or in some cases threatned. When an agent took it upon himself to add GPS tracking (which he bought himself) to weapons being sold. He tracked those weapons, and when he contacted superiors about the possibility of the gun moving across the border and request making arrests, he was told to stand down and was repremanded for taking it upon himself to fogoe protocal by placing the GPS’s on the weapons. Beyond this, were concerns that these weapons could or eventually would be used against US law enforcement, especially Border Patrol agents, who are the ones in the most threat of encountering drug running cartels along the Southern border. These concerns were ignored.

From 2009 to Dec 2010 ATF agents on the ground continue to question the practice of allowing assualt weapons to free pass into Mexico without any accountability. Finally on Dec. 15, 2010, their worst fears became a reality. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and other officers attempted to arrest a group suspected of transporting drugs near Rio Rico, Arizona. The suspects opened fire. Terry returned fire with RUBBER BULLETS. Terry was struck in the pelvis, rushed to a hospital, and died. The weapons retrieved from the scene were traced back to Fast and Furious and a known cartel middle man that ATF agents had requested to arrest on two seperate occassions, and were rebuffed by superiors.

Two months later, Jaime Zapata, and Homeland Security Special Agent was ambushed and gunned down in San Louis Potosi, Mexico by the Los Zetas. The weapons recovered at the scene were once again traced back to Fast and Furious.

Before and since the deaths of Terry and Zapata, thousands of Mexican civilians have been killed by weapons that could be traced to Fast and Furious. After the death of Terry, and Fast and Furious began to gain traction in sectors of the Media, the Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales condemned the Obama Administration and called for a full and in depth investigation into the matter including the US role. http://www.examiner.com/article/mexican-attorney-general-obama-more-involved-fast-furious-than-admitted. However this investigation never got off the ground, with many speculating that Morales was silenced by Mexican Preident Calderone who recieved threats from the Obama administration of pulling US funds that are assisting Calderone and his war against the Cartels.

After the death of Agent Terry, ATF Agent John Dodson began contacting superiors outside of Arizona about Fast and Furious. His calls went ignored. Along with other concerned agents, Dodson contacted Iowa Senator Chuch Grassley. Grassley, then began his own investigation into Fast and Furious. When he contacted both the ATF and DOJ, he was informed that no program like Fast and Furious existed, this was only after his inquires went ignored by both agencies forcing Grassley to threaten funding of ATF. After these inquires were made, ranking officials began a subsequent harrassment and blacklisting of Dodson and fellow agents. Fortune Magazine, who condeucted a six month investigation, found that “no gun were allowed to walk into Mexico” and that Dodson, on his own, allowed weapons to go unchecked. However this article failed to question any of the whistle blowers, and instead focused their investigation on ranking members, who according to Sen. Grassley, were actively white washing the Fast and Furious program and were also under investigation for “targeting” whistle blowers. The article also fails to mention the preasure placed on gun shops by the ATF, the countless red flags raised by gun shops and ATF agents, and that over 2,500 weapons were “unaccounted” for and over 600 weapons retrieved at Mexican crime scene traced back to Fast and Furious. To call the Fortune article a white wash of events would in all do respect be an insult to white washing.

Feeling that the House would have more power over the investigation, Sen. Grassley contacted Rep. Darrel Issa chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. In May AG Eric Holder testified infront of Issa’s Committee and stated that he had only learned about Fast and Furious in the “last few weeks.” However the committee learned that Fast and Furious in July 2010, when questioned Holder stated that those memos were about the Bush Wide Reciever Program, and program that ended under the Bush Administration in 2008. Furthermore he stated that other memos concerning Fast and Furious that Issa questioned him about went unread by him, even going so far as to state “There is nothing in any of those memos that indicates any of those inappropriate tactics that are of concern.” Nothing of concern, a questionable operation allowing thousands of weapons to cross into Mexico that led to the deaths of thousands on Mexicans and possibly two US lawmen were not of concern? Furthermore, after months of the DOJ and ATF denying any “gun walking” program, Eric Holder admitted that there was in FACT and gun walking program. He goes on to state that any misiformation given in previous letters, letters that stated clearly no gun walking took place, were unintentional. Keep in mind that Eric Holder has in the past been prasied for his attention to detail and knowing facts before making statements.

Over 140,000 documents have been requested by Issa’s committee, only 7,600 hundred have been turned over, much of those redacted and not getting the the heart of the matter. As preasure continued to be placed on Holder and facing a contempt of Congress charge, President Obama stepped in and on June 20 envoked his first ever Executive Priviledge. This priveledge protects the president in cases of national security and papers or materials that could threaten that security. However, as Obama has stated on numerous occassions, he was unaware of Fast and Furious. By envoking EP he is either stating he is not being truthful about his knowledge or that those files, 1,300 in question, are too damaging to his administration (not national security because this was a domestic program). In the end Eric Holder was indicted by Congress and the case is still pending.

The simple reality is this:Fast and Furious was a flawed program that had led to the death of thousands of Mexican civilians and possibly two US lawmen. The DOJ and ATF stonewalled, lied, and have covered up truths concerning Fast and Furious. The family of Brian Terry have yet to know the real story about their loved ones death. And according to CBS, the notion that Fast and Furious was simply an Obama administration ploy to enhance laws on weapons became a reality.ww.cbsnews.com/8301-31727_162-57338546-10391695/documents-atf-used-fast-and-furious-to-make-the-case-for-gun-regulations/

the media has largely ignored this issue, except for CBS News who was the first to break the story nationally, and members of CBS have reported that the Obama administrations displeassure with their reporting has been evident. Furthermore, the news agencies that have reported on it have told half truths and have given outright false information concerning the case. Probably because they failed to do their jobs in the first place and have only been playing catch-up to the rest of those who have been following this for nearly four years.

Issa has been condemned, even though the realities of his investigation and the outcomes can not be denied. The DOJ and ATF lied, stonewalled, and withheld information, and that reality is now is being ignored. The real losers of this are those who were killed and the American population who have been left in the Dark. If this occured under the Bush Administration, the media would have been rolling this on a 24/7 loop and certainly would not be demeaning the investigators, but instead calling for the heads of the perpatrators. That is not the case here, and the losers in this case are the American people, whose media, are failing them.


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