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Today I was being facetious because I had 10 minutes left in class and had completed the lesson early and told my students to write a 5 paragraph essay on why “America is the Greatest Nation.” The reaction caught me off guard. I had a good majority of my class tell me straight out, “I’m not going to write that, because I don’t think it is.”

At first I was taken aback by their reaction. This was a AP US History class and this was their reaction! How could kids living in this country not think it is better than other countries? 

And then I stepped back and thought about it. What have these kids lived through in their lives? In my life time I have seen the greatness of America and have seen the worst of America, but I have been alive for 40 yrs. I was born in the 70’s, lived through the 80’s, was in my 20’s in the 90’s, and have become an adult in the 2000’s. These kids however were born in the 90’s and have lived through the 2000’s. In their life times they have what I have seen, the worst of America.

Now keep in mind, when I say the worst of America, I mean the worst of America since I have been alive. The worst of America now does not compare to the worst of America’s past (slavery, Native-Americans, treatment of the Irish and Chinese, Jim Crow, etc.). 

Since these kids have been alive they experienced 9/11 when they were 3 or 4 yrs. old. Since they time they have experienced the ridiculousness of George Bush and the Iraq War and a media that hammered every aspect of his actions. They have seen probably the most divided gov’t since Antebellum America. Two parties that can not agree on a single thing, who blame each other rather than take blame, and refuse to fix because fixing does not adhere to their party politics. They have lived in a nation that no longer builds anything, in a nation where our education ranks in the lowest categories when compared to other western nations (my next post will address the reasons I think are behind this,but the NEA, media, and politicians are too afraid to talk about), and a nation whose economy is a joke.

I can not blame them for being so cynical, because too be honest I have been extremely cynical. However I see what these kids fail to see. I am lucky enough to know American history. I know the good and bad, but I refuse to focus on the bad, because I know the good out weighs to bad ten fold. I am not some jingoistic kook. I am simply someone who knows that America has done some extremely bad things but there is something that the cynics refuse to acknowledge about America that does make this nation great.

The history of the United States is filled with failures that contribute to the “Hate America” montra. But the “Hate America” crowd focuses on the bad yet fails to see that America is nation that is built on a foundation of righting wrongs. What is that? Our Constitution! With all the faults that the “Hate America” crowd loves to lay on the Founders of this nation, they fail to see the greatness and for thought of these men. First of all not all the Founders weren’t slave owning, old, rich, white men. Yes they were white, but the majority of them did not own slaves, they were not old (most were in their 40’s and early 50’s…which I guess is “old” when seen through the eyes of teenagers), and many of them were what we would call “middle class.” John Adams for instance…he did not own slaves (was against slavery), was in his early 40’s, and was moderately wealthy, but that wealth came from hard work, not family legacy. 

The Founders of this nation created a document that has been used to right wrongs in this nation. It is a document that has been used to end slavery, end Jim Crow, expanded the rights of women, homosexuals, and minorities. It has been used to expand the rights of the mentally ill and special needs in society and schools. It is a document that gives voice to those who are ignored, and thus in turn change the laws in the states and this nation. Simply put, for every wrong in this nation, it is this document that has made them right. And it is the failure to see this by the “Hate America” crowd and my students today that shows how narrow minded and how boxed into our ideas we have become! 

It is so easy to point our failures because by doing so allows you to stand on a soap box and feel superior. However when you focus on the failures you fail to see the greatness. Yes, of course African-American have every right to question the greatness of a nation that subjected them to slavery and Jim Crow, but it is this nation that ended those things. How, by using the laws of this nation to make those wrongs right. America has had to and continues to have to answer for its mistakes, and it has and will, but the foundation of this nation allows for that to happen. It gives voice to those without one…no…it guarantees it!


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There you go Liberal Media…a Conservative scandal! Oh how I love watching the MSM jumping all over this. I watched 5 minutes of Rachel Maddow (about all I can stand of this woman) and listened to Nor-Man Gold-Man for about 15 minutes on my way home. And what was the message? These two Liberals are all over this “scandal” and are in full throttle to take Christie down. Yet when it has come to the IRS Targeting, Bhengazi, Fast and Furious, NSA these same Liberals were silent, except to defend or pass the blame onto Republicans. 

Let’s look at the George Washington Bridge-Gate (the headline ticker on Maddow’s show). People, high within the Christie administration, closed down some lanes causing massive back-ups in because they wanted to punish the mayor of Ft. Lee New Jersey. What was the response? Christie held a press conference where he explained the situation for an hour and then allowed the media to question him for an hour. Not only that but top people within his administration were fired! So what is left to talk about on this? Christie essentially said “I’m clean on this and you won’t find sh*t to dirty my hands,” but the liberal media is searching and if there is a “smoking gun” they will find it (or fabricate it…right Dan Rather?). And if they do find it, if there is a smoking gun out there that actually ties Christie to this, then based on his own words, he will be taken down. 

What is fascinating about this is the the foaming mouths of the liberals focusing on a scandal and screaming about cover-ups and protection. However when it came to President Obama their silence is deafening. Why this pisses me off is the hypocrisy of it all. The liberal media are calling for heads to roll over a 3 hr. delay on a bridge, but the same expectations have not been directed towards Obama.

Let’s Breakdown Bridge-Gate and Compare and Contrast it with the scandals tied to the Obama Administration.

Bridge-Gate: Reports of the GW being purposely shut down leak out and Christie is asked about it. He responds with that he was not aware of anything more than scheduled lane closures. When emails surface that it was a coordinated effort by Christie’s cheif of staff to punish the mayor of Ft. Lee for not supporting Christie. Once this is made clear, Christie fires his chief of staff, takes responsibility for the failure, holds a press conference, and answers questions from the media.

Now Obama Scandals

Fast and Furious: It becomes known that the US DOJ and ATF are selling weapons to Mexican Cartel members when a border patrol agent is killed by those very weapons. ATF and DOJ are questioned and they deny it occured. Holder is called before Congress and lies. Congress subpoenas records related to Fast and Furious and DOJ refuses, then turns over only 1/3 of the requested records, and when Congress presses for the rest, President Obama drops executive privledge and blocks them (even though he denied ever knowing anything about Fast and Furious. No one is held accountable. no one is fired, and Obama is silent.

IRS: It becomes known that the IRS purposely targeted conservative and Tea Party groups and denied their applications for tax excemption status. The Obama admin. blames it on a single field office in Ohio, but through Congressional investigation we learn it actually started in Washington D.C. Obama promises that a full investigation would be conducted and people would be held responsible. No one has been fired, and the independent investigator just attached to investigate this scandal by the Obama administration was in fact a HUGE DONOR to the election of Obama in 2008 and 2012!

Bhengazi: Sept. 11, 2011 an embassy safe house is attacked and four Americans are killed including the US Ambassador to Libya. Obama blames it on a anti-Muslim video the next day then heads out on the campaign trail. The Asst. Sec. of State makes the Sunday Morning news run and blames it on the same video. Later we learn that the attack was a coordinated attack by an Al Queda sub group, that Ambassador Stevens requested more security for the embassy and was denied, the military, who was gearing up to fly out of Italy to help were ordered to stand down, we knew there were threats made against the embassy including a previous bombing attack, the British had already closed their own embassy because of the threats made against them and the US embassy. No one has been held responsible, the Obama administration has stone walled the investigation, and still no one had been arrested 9even though Obama promised they would be…two years ago)

So one “Republican” scandal the media is all over it. Three Obama scandals…SILENCE, Defense, and Passing the Buck by the media. Why should anyone take MSNBC seriously over this Christie thing? Based on their record it should be apparent to anyone that they don’t really care about the truth, what they care about is keeping this Christie story alive because by doing so it takes the IRS, NSA, Bhengazi, and the ObamaCare failures out of the spot light.

I’ll be honest and say I hate Christie and could care less if this guy was taken out of the picture. He’s a joke and honestly the guy would never become president because…well look at him. We Americans want our President to be good looking and healthy, not fat slobs with anger management issues! I actually hope this “scandal” takes Christie out of the running for 2016, because I don’t want even the slightest chance of this guy becoming the republican candidate…because he’s a loser.

My bitterness comes from the selective choice of our media to do their job. Over the past 6 years I have watched a media that has utterly failed the American people. They have decided that Obama is their guy and they refuse to do their jobs when it comes his utter failures. The Main Stream Media is working overtime to investigate a 3 hr. bridge closing, but when it has come to REAL scandals that have hurt millions, cost the lives of Americans, and are definitions of corruption…they think Fast and Furious is a Hollywood movie, can’t spell Bhengazi, and have only thought about the IRS in April!

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