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My Rant: All day long I have watched the attacks on the comments made by Mr. Trump. Oh, don’t think I am going to defend them, because I’m not. I have not hid my feelings about this man and the idea of him as President of this great nation. He is a cancer within the Republican party. His comments, his stupidity is hurting the party. He says it and the party gets labeled with it. Most RATIONAL conservatives don’t think like him or agree with him, but because he gets all the media attention, the party gets labeled with his stupidity.

However, I will say this, should anyone be surprised. Should anyone be surprised of rhetoric like this and the support from thousands, maybe even millions? I’m not. Words like his a born for concern, or more specifically, fear. When the rational no longer exists, we tend to turn to the irrational, and that is exactly what Trump represents, the irrational.

And where does this come from? It comes from a lack of leadership. A lack of leadership to make the nation feel secure and safe. Say what you want about Bush, and most of it I’d probably agree with you on, but after 9/11 you did not see the type of rhetoric like you are seeing after the attack in California last week, expressed now on a national stage by a JOKE running for president. Oh, the LEFTIST blogs and reporters sought out every “anti-Muslim” action they could find, but it was so few and far between that it wasn’t worth even reporting. A few Arabic shops vandalized, I remember a protest in front of a Mosque in Detroit, but nothing.

I argue that you didn’t see it because the fear wasn’t there. Immediately after the attack the oft replayed video of Bush with his arm wrapped around the fire chief was seen by nearly every American. You remember it. Bush is giving a speech and somewhere a fire fighter says, “we can’t hear you.” And on cue, Bush turns in the direction of the voice and says, “I can hear you (thunderous applause), and the men who knocked down these buildings will hear from all of us soon.” It was a moment captured, but it was a moment that spread. For anyone who felt fear, that moment aleiviated that fear. It made us believe that no matter what, Bush was on the job and retribution would come. Sure, we can look at the years following it and criticize, but at that moment, it was what was needed. Bush knew it, he knew the pulse of the nation, he knew fear and questions gripped the nation, and in a off handed, unscripted moment, he relieved the fear and answered the questions.

I’m not calling Bush one (his actions following 9/11 leave that in question), but great leaders know when they need to step up. They can feel the pulse of the nation and they know what is needed to make them feel assured that the fear they are feeling is not irrational, it is a perfect response to tragedy with no immediate answers to the question “Why.” And they know who to comfort them.

I remember as a kid when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. I remember sitting with my classmates in the cafeteria area of Whitehead Elementary School in Woodland. I remember the excitement I felt because ac school teacher,Christa McAuliffe, whose poster was on the door of my classroom, was going into space. I remember watching the shuttle go into space, and then the fireball, and the fear and sadness. Most of all, I remember that night sitting in font of my television listening to Ronald Reagan. Watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEjXjfxoNXM), but if you don’t want to watch the whole thing fast forward to 2:10 of the video. Reagan knew the pulse of the nation, knew the importance of this flight for kids across the nation, knew that millions watched the tragic events live, and knew, just knew, he had to speak to them and tell them that everything was going to be ok, that the sadness and fear was rational, and that life is filled with great achievements and, yes, great loss.

On Sunday night, Obama spoke to the nation. It was my hope of hopes he would have a Bush, Reagan, FDR, Churchill, and so many great leaders moment. He didn’t. He failed…no, he utterly failed. He told American’s a lie, a lie that most American’s who have been paying attention for the past year, knew was a lie. He talked about his commitment to destroy ISIS, something he has said before, and has yet to follow through on. A year ago he referred to ISIS as a “JV Team.” He said that a week before they took the city of Mosul in Iraq. He said that as hundreds and thousands of Christians has been slaughtered. On the morning of the Paris attacks this president said that ISIS “was contained” and less than 6 hours later, an ISIS inspired death squad killed 132 people in Paris. In the speech he mentioned a coalition of 65 nations, but it’s a lie. Those 65 nations have done NOTHING to stop ISIS, because they continue to look to the US for leadership and determination. He mentioned the airstrikes and air campaign of the US, but that is a lie. We fly 6-15 sorties a day, with most of those jets returning to base without firing a single shot because the Rules of Engagement (ROE’s) are so damn strict. They can not fire if there is a possibility of a civilian death. They must warn targets before engaging. During the Gulf War in 1991, the US flew 1092 sorties a day and destroyed the infastructure of Iraq. During the Balkans, the US flew 650 sorties a day and destroyed every mode of defense. Our pilots have been told NOT to engage ISIS oil trucks (where they are getting 60% of their funding) for fear of creating an environmental issue.

What is worse is what his speech did include. During his speech, Ronald Reagan made it a point to address FREEDOM. Why? Because he knew damn well the USSR would find a way of throwing dirt on the US after the tragic events. “Oh look at the mighty US and its space program now.” Reagan however made sure that the US and World knew that FREEDOM allowed the creation of that program, it allowed and accepted the risks of that program, and that program would continue.

Obama’s speech was the opposite. Instead of assuring us in the Freedom’s we enjoy and that they would not be threatened by the actions of those who committed the deaths in California, he turned on us. He attacked those who would question radical Islam and made them the enemy. He pointed to every American who owns a guns, especially and AR-15, and blamed them. As president he is the defender of freedom, of the Constitution, but instead he spent 8 minutes of his 15 minute speech attacking the very freedoms he was elected to defend. There are so many LAW ABIDING Americans who own guns, including AR-15’s. And everyone of them who watched that speech were told they are what American’s should fear. Not the radicalized Muslim or the Islamic Group that inspired those killers, but the guns they used.

Want more proof of Obama’;s failure and, I’m sorry, BULLSHIT. It’s been two days since his speech and what has been done? Well, his Attorney General announced that it was investigating the school and teacher who reported a kid who had what looked like a bomb and threatened to file charges against “anyone whose anti-Islamic rhetoric” got out of control. Since she defines the rhetoric I guess after I post this I should expect a Federal Agent at my door in the morning. What haven’t we seen? We haven’t seen a full on engagement of our military. We haven’t seen our air attacks increased. We were told today that Obama is meeting with his advisors on “next steps” with ISIS. Well, guess what, those advisors (as seen in their testimony before Congress over the past 6 months) have already told us that they have placed countless “next step” ideas on the presidents desk and NOTHING have come from them. We also learned last week, for those who have been paying attention, that someone within the White House has been scrubbing military and intelligence reports by removing any mention of the rise of ISIS or the increasing threats by ISIS.

And so the result of his failure is what we are seeing in Trump and many others. No questions were answered. The fear was not alieviated, in fact, it was hieghtened. The answers that were given by Obama were lies wrapped in double speak that ended with attacks on two fundamental freedoms Americans enjoy. And his failure opened the door for the irrational ideas, answers, to gain a foot hold and support. If Obama had been strong and followed through with that strength in an attempt to show that he was “backing his shit up,” Trumps bullshit would be just that. When I heard Trump’s speech I shook my head. I shook it first because of the utter stupidity of it, but more so because of the applause he received after he said it. The utter stupidity of the electorate in this nation is a sad state of affairs. The Left who applauds the utter stupidity of Obama, Clinton, and Sanders, and the Right who cheers the utter stupidity of Trump. The problem I had with Obama’s speech is the same problem I have with Trumps. Both ended their speeches with attacks on Freedom.

When the Bill of Rights were first introduced, James Madison, the father of the Constitution, opposed them. When you read that you quickly move towards attack mode, but his rationality for opposing them have been proven right time and time again in US history. His reason was this, “In times of strife and national threats, the first thing that will be attacked are these Amendments.” John Adams during the Quasi-War with France signed the Alien and Sedition Acts. Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War suspended Habeas Corpus. Woodrow Wilson during WWI jailed journalists and politicians who spoke critically of the war. Franklin Roosevelt during WWII interned Japanese Americans. George W. Bush after 9/11 signed the USA PATRIOT ACT. And now under Obama we see an attack on the 1st and 2nd Amendments. And, of course Trump, like or not, attacking the 1st Amendment’s non establishment of religion by making a religion a basis of immigration.

In a world of danger and fear, leadership is needed most, and when the leaders fail, it allows the irrational to take charge of the situation. We have seen this so many times in history. I am not equating Trump with him, but Hitler rose to power through the same circumstance. Fear and lack of leadership allowed him to use those fears to acquire the power he desired. Trump’s rhetoric isn’t leadership, it is tapping in the the scariest parts of the human psyche and using it to his advantage. He is the worst kind of politician, the one who continues to throw logs on the flames of fear to his own gain. And sadly, because we lack a true leader, he can get away with it.


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Deal With It

My Rant: CNN Reporting: Three white males probably tied to white supremist groups. Fox News reporting: Can not call this terrorism right now, but all the indicators point to it. Who got it right? The lying FAUX News.

The question is why? CNN and MSNBC focused on the guns and the masks and decided it had to be white racists? What about the early reports made them draw that conclusion? That only white racists used assault rifles and wear masks? Hmmm…have they not seen a SINGLE SOLITARY STORY that shows a terrorist. They are always holding an AK-47 (assault rifle) and are wearing masks. And more importantly, this took place at a holiday party? What about a holiday party points to white racists? Was it a Kwanzaa? Was it a Hanukka Party? Nope, it was a county holiday party. But based on all that CNN and MSNBC come to the conclusion this was a white racist event?

So what pointed Fox News to the terrorist conclusion. Simple, even though the police had not released the name of the male shooter, the name reportedly went over police scanners. The media picked up on it but refused to disclose it because they “didn’t want to speculate.” CNN and MSNBC spent hours speculating on white racism as the motive and had not problem with that. Fox News had the name, refused to call it terrorism, though suggested it, and only after the CAIR presser did Fox News stop holding back and called it what it was…an act of terrorism by a Radicalized Muslim.

What I found most interesting was the celebrity and political left tweets about GUNS. I wonder if these people even have a f*cking clue anymore. California just passed extensive background checks, already has magazine limits, and has bans on assault weapons. It’s easy to point to the gun because the ignorant masses are uninformed about these things, but honestly, it defeats their purpose and more importantly makes them look utterly and completely STUPID. Why? Because it proves the point of the pro gun side of the debate…PASS ALL THE LAWS YOU WANT, BUT CRIMINALS BREAK LAWS!!! These killers used assault weapons (banned in California, especially in LA) with 30 round magazines (banned in California), and obviously either passed a back ground check (California has one of the most extensive) or bought them off the street. So what gun law Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, MSNBC, Hollywood douche bag, would have stopped this? The very laws you constantly call for are in place in California and guess what, as every gun rights person has said repeatedly only to be attacked by your crowd…THEY DON’T WORK!!!

And so the left mantra now is that there might have been “aggravating factors” i.e., an unsafe work place. Yes, because San Bernardino County doesn’t have safe zones, Syed and his girlfriend shot up the place. Wait, did we miss the gear they were wearing, the bombs, and the “go bags (I only know this via the military term of having extra ammo and gear for when the shit hits the fan).” Most people slighted at work who commit crimes like this show up with a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. They don’t come decked out in military grade assault gear, bullet proof vests, pipe bombs, truck filled with magazines, bombs, and “go bags.” That shit takes time, planning, and focus.

Yet the left wants to create the narrative when things like this occur rather than simply point to realities. Just this week Obama said that shootings like this “don’t occur in other countries.” Really? Funny how he said that in France. Funny he said that last week considering since Thanksgiving Day there have been FOUR mass shootings in Mexico costing an estimated 26 lives. Funny how he said that after 142 were killed in Mali. Funny considering that since 2004, the deaths caused by mass shootings like this in America still don’t compare to the 2011 Norway attacks where 71 people were killed. The point: America does not own mass shootings like this. It is a world wide problem that doesn’t go away with more restrictions on guns. If gun laws were the answer then you would not see these types of killings in places where they have extremely strict gun laws. Australia, Sweden, France, Great Britain, Chicago, California, Colorado…all have strict gun laws, but still these events occur.

Yes, the frequency even shocks the shit out of me, but why should I be shocked at these events, when mass shootings in the American ghetto are taking place every night. We are shocked by the frequency only because they are taking place in middle town America. The reaction of the left when they occur, and I’m just going to say it, verges on racism. They rant and rave when it occurs, but are dead silent about the slaughter of minority youth in the inner city. Oh sure, they can easily get behind shit like Black Lives Matter because it places a focus on the police. Recently there has been outrage, protests, and crocodile tears from the death of a 17 years old shot by a cop 16 times in Chicago. Oh, I’ve seen the video and this cop deserves to be in jail, HOWEVER, the same night this one kid was killed by that police officer…four other kids were killed not too far from that scene in the Southside. As as the protestors were marching down Miracle Mile about this kid, just a week earlier a little girl was found shot in an alley just blocks from where this kid was killed…execution style. Yet silence from the left, silence from the politicians and celebrities, and silence from Black Lives Matter.

What hurts the left most about this, as evidenced by the early reporting of CNN and MSNBC, is that this killing f*cked their narrative. On Friday, the narrative was alive and well after a sick f*ck killed three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic. White and an anti-abortionist…the lefts wet dream mass killer. This one though they hate, and don’t be shocked how quickly the silence will come and how fast CNN, and especially MSNBC, move on when it is beyond any doubt that this was a terrorist attack. Because it confirms what the right has been warning about while the left attacks them for their “racism.” We have seen this over and over again in the past couple of years. A devout radicalized Muslim kills and the story is switched to work place violence (Fort Hood) or is simply scrubbed off the front page and forgotten about (Navy Recruiting Station).

Yes, I admit, we need to have a discussion about gun violence in this nation, but conversation needs to stop being based on sides of the political aisle and Political Correctness. We need to come to terms with facts: Gun laws don’t stop killers, Radicalized Muslims are a threat, mental health needs to be reformed, and yes, we as Americans need to be aware of the world in which we live. If mass shootings is the frequency, then putting band aids on it needs to stop being the go to answer. We need Public Service announcements on how we, the civilian population can protect ourselves, because be it a white hater, mentally ill prick, or radical Muslim, the threat is now reality and we need to deal with it.

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Here We Go Again

coloOn Friday I received a text from my brother asking me an odd question: “What the hell is up with Colorado.” I had no idea what he was talking about. My brother has been to Colorado once, it was December and cold and he has since shit talked this state because of that one experience. So I assumed, because it was cold and snowing when he texted me, that was what he was talking about. It wasn’t. He was referring to the shooting that took place in Colorado Springs.

Since I have lived in Colorado, moving here in the summer of 2000, there have been numerous cases dealing with shootings. Of course Columbine took place before I moved here, but since then there was the shooting in Aurora, a crazed killer who entered a school and executed students, a freeway sniper attack this past summer,  and two shootings in Colorado Springs in the past month.

On the surface is seems like a very freightening place to live. However when you look at the sum total of these “mass killings, they pale in comparison to say Chicago. Those cases I mentioned a total of 28 people have been killed in these attacks over 14 years. In 2014 438 people were killed in shootings. In the past 14 years in Chicago 3,201 people have been killed in Chicago…the victims of shootings. During the 4th of July weekend 38 people were shot, 19 of which were killed. When you look at those kinds of numbers, Colorado comes out as a damn safe place to live.

I had no idea what was going on in Colorado Springs and as more reports came in about the shooting, I honestly shook my head and said to myself, “here we go again.” Why? White Male! Right Winger? Planned Parenthood! And of course…Assault Weapon! All the key words began to roll in and I knew the hail storm of the left was soon to follow and it didn’t take long for the pundits to chime in. And suddenly I began to notice the key word being used by all of them…THE RHETORIC OF THE RIGHT.

According to the talking heads, celebs, and left of center politicians the blame for this latest shooting was not the mental capacity of this guy (and by every single account I have see this guy was a whack job), but the rhetoric of the right. I saw a tweet by Bette Milder mentioning, then of course our illustrious governor Hickenlooper talked about it in his speech about the shooting (going almost far enough to suggest the 1st Amendment needed to be put in question). So I was left with a question….What rhetoric? What is this damning rhetoric that the left believes led this man to decide to take lives on Friday?

Well it came down to abortion and Planned Parenthood. Based on those who are repeating the word I made those two connections. So what is the rhetoric of the right about these two issues? 1. Abortion is wrong. Of course that is “hateful” rhetoric in the ears of the left. The pro-abortion side condemn any calls for regulation or straight abolition of the practice and consider any mention of such “anti-woman” or “anti-rights.” And, I’m sorry, for me, listening to these talking heads, what I am reading into their wording is this: Any talk of anti-abortion should be silenced because, after, such talk drives the whack jobs to murder.

The second of course is Planned Parenthood. During the summer damning proof was released in a series of videos that showed Planned Parenthood profiting from selling the body parts of aborted babies. This practice, by nearly every state and federal law, is illegal. If you actually watch the videos instead of forming your opinions on them based on what you heard from the ladies on The View or Feminist Groups, you would see that enough evidence, no strike that, all the evidence you need to show that Planned Parenthood clinics were profiting from aborted babies is there. Of course the main stream media never showed the videos or clips of them, and even CBS today lied and said that the videos had been “debunked.” Not true. Currently 11 states have begun investigations into the allegations, and if it was so “debunked” why did the President of Planned Parenthood come out an apologize for the conduct of her own employees on these video tapes?

But, because the left and Mainstream Media (MSM) chose to ignore these videos and the right (FOX, Drudge, etc) did not, of course it is the fault of these media organizations for creating the “rhetoric” that led to this mans shooting spree. Gov. Hickenlooper said it himself. The “rhetoric” of blogs and right wing media needs to be toned down.” Well I watch Fox News and I read Drudge everyday. Here is what I didn’t see…anyone calling for criminal action or for someone to take a gun and shoot up these clinics. What I did see however, repreatedly, was a call for the Justice Department to investigate, not file charges mind you, the allegations made in the videos. Of course this is something the Obama Justice Department would never do…after this is the same DOJ that continue to lie about Fast and Furious, file charges against sanctuary cities, investigate the IRS and VA, and the list goes on and on. For so long the DOJ was to be a political free department, but it has shown under this president that anything that challenges the left is hands off.

Let’s stick with rhetoric though. If the rhetoric of the right is to blame for the incident in Colorado Springs, then can we say that the rhetoric of the left is responsible for the rash of police assassinations that have taken place since this summer? After all it was the Black Lives Matter people who have chanted “No Justice No Peace” and the famous “Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon.” Can we also blame the rhetoric of the left for the 2007 shooting at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs that left 3 dead? New Life Church publicly decried gay marriage and the rhetoric of the left attacked the stance of this church on a continuous basis. Or how about the recent shootings in Oregon that left ten dead. After all, this crazed gun man went about executing people after asking them if they were Christian.

If you say yes, the left should take the blame for their rhetoric that might have inspired these killings then I will at least give you credit for being fair. If you say no, then can you also say “Double Standard.” If the inflamatory rhetoric of one side is to blame for a mass shooting, then surely it must be the same for the other side.

Let’s take a pause and ask this question: What is the end game of this sort of blame game. Oh sure, the left would surely love to have and end to any talk against abortion, but that is NEVER going to happen…that is unless the end game is just saying fuck it and deleting the 1st and 2nd Amendment’s all together. Is it a revertion the the ideology introduced in 1984 where we have word police? Or maybe Fahrenheit 451 were we begin burning books? Or maybe Brave New World where population are controlled by the state and the need for abortion simply goes away?

This is what has scared me so much over the past seven years. The political correctness of this nation has gotten out of hand, where now we blame speech for the actions of crazy fuckers in this world. If you have a group out there telling people to go out and kill in the name of abortion or gay marriage right, then damn right those people need to be prosecuted with the laws that forbid such speech. You can not insight violence with your speech, but that is not what is taking place on the right of the left. People reporting, discussing, debating issues is not insighting violence and when you begin to step down that slippery slope of suggesting that, then you fall directly in to the abolishment of the 1st Amendment that, yes, protects speech, but also the press.

We as a nation need to fear such talk and speak out against even the suggestion of silencing speech, even speech we disagree with. I make no qualms in admitting my conservative leanings, but never would I want to silence the other side. When we, as a nation, begin to head down that direction, we create the scary realities of Orwell, Bradbury, and Huxley.

In the end this was a sick man who took it upon himself to take lives. Whatever inspired him makes no difference, what matters is that he was a sick fuck who killed innocent people for no other reason than to kill. Sure it makes good fodder for the media to suggest otherwise, but sometimes the simple answer is the one we need to accept.


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