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My Rant: Ok, I am going to piss off a lot of people with this one, but I’m alright with that because I feel that I have my facts to support me.

Tonight I was watching a news program and the topic was today’s March for Life in Washington. I am not going to take any side with this. I have made my opinions about abortion clear many times. I am not right wing on this issue. I do not support abortion, but I do believe that there should be exceptions, especially if the mother’s life is in danger. That’s my stance and now it is out of the way.

On the program was a lady who was at the march who had once been an executive at Planned Parenthood. She threw out a bunch of “facts” that really caught me off guard. It caught me so off guard that I rewound it twice so I could write them down and fact check them myself. One reason for doing so is because some of the things said not make sense to me, I did not believe, and I wanted to check it. After all this is a woman who now is against abortion and I assumed just off the bat that her views were skewed.

Over the past couple of years Planned Parenthood has been in the news. One reason was because of the horrid videos that were released by an undercover organization. Even though law suits were brought against the group (and I believe won in California) those were about the tactics used by the organization to get the videos, never once about the subject matter. In fact though PP denied such practices, the head of PP was forced to do a mea culpa and announe firings of employees whose “actions were not in line with the goals of Planned Parenthood.”

Of course the videos that were released enraged the Right Wing, especially those in the US Congress who wanted and still are pushing to stop an estimated $500 million that goes to PP annually. This of course has outraged the Pro-Choice and other liberal movers and shakers in the US, and you could see as much during the Women’s March this past Saturday (not to be confused with the one today)

Now of course the history of Planned Parenthood is rarely ever discussed, however it is important to know. PP was started by Margaret Sanger in 1916. Now it has been sold that it was a way to give women a choice and education about pregnancy. Ok, fine, however, what can not be refuted and is never mentioned by supporters of PP, are Sanger’s own views. Sanger was devoted to Eugenics. If don’t know what that is, it was the promotion of the perfect race (white, middle to upper class, protestant, etc). Eugenics spread through the Western world, including in the US, where state fairs held Eugenic competitions and winning families were awarded were certificates and had their names published in local papers. It quickly died out when Adolf Hitler came to power and took Eugenics to a very dark place (as if it wasn’t already dark enough).

As a supporter of Eugenics, Sanger did promote the ideas and did promote the limitation of the unfit being born. The sorted history behind this is not talked about, but it is cemented if fact. Many PP centers opened by Sanger in the American inner cities at the time did in fact do so to limit the “reproduction” of the unfit, and at the time and place, the unfit were African-Americans. Look up her own quotes on the subject and it is a look into any classic definition of racism. To go even further, but not to beat a dead horse, in 1926, she was a guest speaker at a KKK rally.

So back to what I watched today. Planned Parenthood, especially in light of resent controversies, has pushed back by providing lists of services they provide, and also argue that abortion is the “least” of their services. However the woman I watched tonight refuted those claims. And, again, I doubt her. So I fact checked myself. If anything I provide can be refuted please do so because I would be interested to read what you provide.

1. Planned Parenthood does not provide Mammograms. I checked this and it is actually TRUE. There is not one PP site that has a licensed mammogram machine or a person to operate it. I even watched a segment of The View where one of the hosts (the red head) actually admitted that she was wrong on the mammogram belief.

2. The major revenue for PP comes from abortion. I checked this and again it is true. PP provides up to 330,000 abortions annually. In fact PP has line item quotas for sites to meet abortion numbers.

3. Planned Parenthood does not provide prenatal care. True and not true. Yes, they do provide initial care such as hand outs and flyers, and a initial regimen of prenatal vitamins, but they do not provide full to term prenatal care.

4. Planned Parenthood does not provide birthing abilities or birthing care. Again, true. In fact it’s own annual report of 2013-2014 does not even mention “Pregnancy services”

So what does it provide? Well it does provide contraceptives. It provide handouts and fliers for prenatal care. It does provide early prenatal care vitamins (limited as they are). And it does provide STD testing.

According to the website PP only provides 3% of national abortions. However, based on their annual report, last year of 327,000 abortions. During that same year, according to the CDC, there were 655,000 abortions conducted. So based solely on the math, the 3% is a farce to say the least, and it is more closer to 50%. Now taken all other services it provides (again, keeping in mind it DOES NOT provide mammograms, prenatal care, or birthing care), tell me again that its annual budget does not rely on abortion services.

Let me make it clear. I have issues with PP because of its founders sorted history, but I am not a woman, so my knowledge of what it does is very limited. Does it provide services to women? Yes it does and I do not deny that aspect. However, it does not provide what we are told that it does, and a simple fact check proves that. I did not believe the woman I watched tonight, but nothing she said was proved wrong based on my own fact checking.

Again, I am not a woman, however if I am being sold on an organization that is supposed to provide care that it actually does not provide, then I would have to question it’s real purpose.

Feel free to attack me, but if you do, I only ask that you do so with facts and not passions. If you can refute the facts that I found (taken fromĀ factcheck.org and a variety of online newspaper articles…none of which were the obvious conservative flap trap) I am willing to read and listen.




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